Raw Mango cutter


vtech Raw mango cutter


Raw Mango cutter  specification and usage application

Vtech is a manufactures and suppliers of  mango cutter -Pickle mango cutter. this pickle cutter is used to cut pickle mango cutting application, this is fully stainless blade . this bottom panel is made by natural wood . this is very easy to cut the pickle mango . our product is available in all major city in India like Hyderabad Vijayawada Kadapa Visakhapatnam Bangalore Chennai and coimbatore. this product is made by stainless steel 2mm thickness. so it is good strength to cut the mango. this cutter is user for to cut vegetables also . so it is Multi application product for your home kitchen.  vtech supply  manual mango cutter from coimbatore. if you want use pikle manufacturing purpose you can buy big mango cutter for pickle making


Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 1 cm


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